Introducing NEW Arm & Hammer(tm) Truly Radiant Introducing NEW Arm & Hammer(tm) Truly Radiant

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5 Tips for Bringing out Your Radiance

1.Eat a Nutritious Diet.

Certain foods help you maintain a natural glow and energy. When you feel good, you can focus on all the things you want to accomplish.

2.Work Out!

I always try to squeeze in a workout because I feel most radiant after a good sweat session.

3.Make Time For Family And Friends.

I always feel radiant when I'm playing with my kids and it's so important to set aside time to be with them where there are no distractions.

4.Invest in Your Favorite Accessory.

Whether it's a little black dress, killer stilettos or a designer clutch, every woman should have a go-to accessory that makes them feel radiant.

5.Be Confident in Your Smile!

Everyone looks best when they're smiling. I always brush with ARM & HAMMER™ Truly Radiant™ Toothpaste because I want to have a clean, strong, white smile.

About Alison

Just like you, I keep pretty busy. In addition to hosting NBC's The Biggest Loser, playing Sami Brady on NBC's Days of our Lives, directing and producing, my second novel, Scared Scriptless, will be released in June (you'll recognize some of the characters from my first novel, The Star Attraction). It's all pretty exciting, but still, nothing compares to my two favorite roles: being wife to my great husband, and mother to my two amazing kids.

My other passion is philanthropic work. Nothing brings out your radiance like doing good for others. So I'm happy to give back by being the Fitness Ambassador for City of Hope, an Ambassador for Stand Up to Cancer, and a member of the Entertainment Council for Feeding America.

I am, also, a serial tweeter. So for more tips on health, wellness and fashion, follow me on Twitter at @Ali_Sweeney.